Can I switch my child’s school without the other parent?

Sometimes parents live in different cities and the commute and distance from the school and one of the parent’s homes can create considerable difficulties and serious inconvenience for one of the parents. This is especially true when the parents share visitation over...

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Can Mediation Resolve My Family Law Case?

In most Idaho family law cases, mediation offers a cost-effective alternative to going to court. Parties who are divorcing or litigating another aspect of family law, such as custody, should be prepared for this process. Working with your Meridian, Idaho family law...

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Working Through A High-Conflict Divorce

We all know that a divorce is stressful and time-consuming. Unfortunately, many divorces are fraught with unnecessary conflict between spouses. Too often, someone in the marriage is determined to fight it out, no matter what. When the other party is making things...

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How to Prepare for Your Family Law Case

Anticipating a family law case or hearing can be stressful. There's almost certainly a lot at stake, even in relatively simple matters. Being prepared for court is essential; appearing disorganized or disinterested can destroy your case. Your Nampa, Idaho family law...

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Why You Need a Lawyer for Your Family Law Case

Divorce can be an emotionally trying ordeal. For many people, the time, stress, and money involved are overwhelming. If a family law matter is in your future, it may be tempting to handle your case yourself. So why should you hire a Meridian, Idaho family law...

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Visitation Tips For Idaho Parents

In the ideal custody arrangement, both parents will share time with their child without hostility. But visitation exchanges can often be a time of conflict between parents. The emotions wrapped up in the divorce can spill over into what should be quality time with the...

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Can Texts be Used to Prove Adultery in Idaho?

Idaho is rare when it comes to divorce laws. While many states have no-fault or fault divorce laws, Idaho has a hybrid system. In a no-fault divorce, a spouse simply has to prove that the marriage is irreparable. This is the more modern system. In the traditional...

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Understanding Child Custody Modification in Idaho

Child custody is one of the issues which must be resolved before a divorce is finalized in Nampa, ID. While it is expected that the arrangement will continue for some time, on occasion things may change. If something significant or “material” changes in the life of...

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Does Adultery Affect Alimony in Idaho?

Divorces generally have a bad picture since you imagine lots of lawyers and exchanging of unpleasant words. However, beyond that there is the legal aspect and the need to come to an agreement about the lives of two individuals. There is a lot that is considered during...

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